Coming back from a setback

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

As some of you know, I am a big fan of Oprah, Super Soul Sunday show.  A couple of years ago Tim Storey was Oprah’s guest.

Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker and life coach. Tim Storey is well-known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from entertainment to executives, celebrities and athletes, to adults and children in the most deprived neighborhoods in the country. Tim has visited 75 countries and has spoken to millions of people. He often meets privately and counsels high-profile leaders in various industries.

Here are some notes from the show to get you through your week.

  • Your life is not about a big break its about one significant life transforming moment at a time
  • A daily decision will create tomorrow’s reality. It’s a step by step process
  • Stop, look and listen. Your dream has a voice. There are things that are calling you everyday.
  • Friends sometimes can take you off your pathway, so choose wisely
  • Have people around that get your dream
  • You are a mighty person in the making, a master piece in progress, a miracle in motion
  • Being true to yourself, recovery and discovery at the same time, all the time
  • We should not waste our failures. There is a lesson. We can fail forward. It’s not final because of these mistakes.
  • Don’t be anxious for anything
  • Know no matter what there is a divine plan
  • When someone devalues you.  They are devaluing someone who the universe spoke over
  • Walk with wise people and stack up wisdom, or you can walk with fools and your life will unravel. If you walk with the wise you become wise yourself.
  • Drama can come, but you don’t have to participate.
  • The real you will remind you of the person you are supposed to be become.
  • In our DNA we long for something that is bigger than ourselves
  • There are known corners and unknown corners of set backs
  • Wherever you shift your satellite dish in your head that is what you pick up.
  • We are all a work in progress

Sending positive vibes to everyone!


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