My SO is following Insta girls?

So everything is going well with your SO until you decide to play Inspector Gadget and see the 20-plus accounts of scantily clad fitness models he follows on Instagram.   Your heart races when you see all his Likes on the large amount of ass/boob/sex inspired Instagrams.  To top it off he so openly follows for the world (and your friends) to see, how? Why?

In the old days guys used to hide their Playboy and Penthouse mags in the deepest corners of the household.  Now unless their account is private, the whole world can see what nasty and skanky girls they follow.

Men are visual.  They are hard wired differently than women.  To some guys, it’s a magazine in the palm of their hands.  Some think its innocent.

While a simple tap on an Instagram screen in public seems more acceptable and innocent, there is really no difference if it causes distrust and betrayal in a relationship, Also, your SO can contact these girls through the DM.  🤔 Social media engagements cannot be disregarded as harmless. Too much of anything can never be good, and all of the sexual stimuli on the Internet is no exception. It makes any woman feel insecure. They begin to feel that they don’t measure up to the fake ideal being posted.

Respect your partner above all else—and don’t go overboard, regardless of what you’re looking at and where.



  1. Jess

    I am shock to find out about this trend. I am aware of the fact that a lot of men are looking for “friendships” with women that are basically naked and obviously looking for $$$ today, I am discovering an other way that men can use to meet thier fantasies and sexual needs 😶

  2. jphealth17

    I couldn’t agree more with this that it is rude and one can feel insecure in the relationship.
    Thank you for bringing awareness to the ladies.

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