When to break up with your BFF

The harsh reality of growing up is that at one point or another in your life you will be breaking up with your bff.

I had a friend say to me once “there are friends for a reason, a season and a lifetime.”

So how do you know if you are just having a moment, or your bff is not a lifetime rider?

Here are some clues:

  • They are constantly calling you with their problems and never asking you how you are feeling
  • Energy vampires, you started out your day full of sunshine, hopes and dreams then you see them for a hot minute and life is gloomy
  • Critical of your weight, outfits, skin, hair, nails and anything that reminds them of how fabulous you are and they are not
  • Judgmental, you may tell them a dirty secret then regret it because you are being judged
  • You give and they take without giving back any knowledge, prosperity, pleasure or happiness
  • Never happy for your accomplishments whether it’s a new job, or a new man

I had an ex bff that once told me that the cream white Chanel Boy bag that my boyfriend bought me was a horrible choice of color because it would get dirty, really?  Happy to report the bag is very clean and happily living in its dust bag.  In fact, I took it out for the weekend in the Hamptons!

Another example, I wore Hermes sandals to a lunch and she told me I will have serious foot problems if I continue to wear the sandals, WTF?  The list goes on and on….

Spare yourselves the misery and only have women in your life that support your dreams, value your being and love you unconditionally because time cannot be bought, sold or traded.

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