12 Haute European Destinations to visit this summer 

Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Porto Cervo, Italy

Rated as one of my top three destinations to travel in the summer, its romantic in every way.  Try the freshly peach blended Bellini at Cala Di Volpe.  The lunch scene at the hotel is Vogue in 3D.  As you eat you will witness beautiful men and women with their sun-kissed mediterranean tan followed by a sea of yachts.

St. Tropez, France 

Pure glamour, natural beauty, excellent dining experiences as well as nightlife tops this place on the list of European places to visit this summer. Everyone is so friendly and hospitable.  As you walk along the velvet white sandy beaches be sure to visit Bagatelle St. Tropez or Club 55.

Destino Hotel, Ibiza

This marvelous Spanish island is known for more than just clubbing and Molly.  It can be deliciously romantic.  For day-time lounge by the pool while you relax and sip on a Sangria with Cava be sure to stay at Destino, or Ibiza Gran Hotel.  Both places offer soothing deep house sounds that will melt your troubles away.

Mykonos, Greece

This dreamy cosmopolitan island on the Aegean Sea offers a variety of activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or Jet Sking.  If you prefer to have a hedonistic moment and dance the night away be sure to check out Cavo Paradiso, which hosts the biggest international DJ’s while you see the sun come up.  Another smaller hip spot is Guzel.

Capri, Italy

Located on the stunning Bay of Naples and only accessible by ferry (private yacht, or helicopter), Capri’s streets offer panoramic views straight out of a post card.  Its exclusive unspoiled island offer you an opportunity to renew, rejuvenate and refresh your state of mind. In order to get the real feel for this place I recommend renting a villa through Airbnb,  However, if you really want a taste of luxury, stay at the 5-star Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel.

View of Madeira Portugal
Madeira, Portugal

It ensures every European comfort with almost every tropical luxury. One of the most scenic is the Levada do Caldeirao Verde, which meanders four miles past leafy glades and plunging ocean views before emerging into a clearing sprinkled by a 300-foot (91 meters) waterfall.  Look down from above the clouds at Pico do Arieiro, Madiera’s third-largest peak.  Madeira also produces Madeira, a fortified wine, so have a glass and enjoy the sunset.

Monaco, France

The sexy French Riviera is not just a host to Formula 1, but it offers an opportunity to gamble, or cruise across the Mediterranean. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, but it makes up for its size in glamour.

Zurich, Switzerland

Not just for bankers and Hedgies it also has some of the most important artworks in the world.  They are displayed in the Kunsthaus and the Rietberg Museum.  Spend a day shopping on Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping areas, or go swimming with the swans on the crystal clear Lake Zurich, while surrounded by stunning views of the Swiss Alps.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Located in the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is charming with the limestone streets and baroque buildings.  It has been the setting for King’s Landing in the HBO show Game of Thrones.  No visit to Dubrovnik would be complete without a walk around the spectacular city walls, the finest in the world and the city’s main claim to fame. From the top, the view over the old town and the shimmering Adriatic is sublime.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is a fortified island village connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, Its photogenic jumble of 15th-century stone villas overlook an impeccable pink-sand beach and tempting turquoise waters. The island was nationalised in the 1950s and is now part of – and owned by – the luxurious Aman resort, meaning it’s off-limits to all but paying guests.  Have a drink at Hotel Adrovic and watch the breathtaking sunset.

Ashford Castle, Cong, Ireland

Ever wanted to feel and live like a Royal family member?  Then visit Cong, Ireland to get the full experience by staying at Ashford Castle, an actual Medieval castle formerly owned by the Guinness family (known for their beer), that has now been transformed into a 5-star hotel. A regular host to royalty, dignitaries, and celebs, it was even voted one of the best hotels in the world for celebrity sightings by Travel + Leisure.

Lake Como

Surrounded by elegant old villas—and the scenic towns surrounding the lake are exquisite.  The best place to stay is Casa Ville de Este.  The lunch and snack menu is everything as you overlook the lake.  Rent a boat and take a tour around the lake. Then stop by Harry’s Bar and Restaurant for a refreshing Bellini.

Bon Voyage!


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