Tech day Sunday – Sex in Space 

SpaceX chief Elon Musk recently announced he wants to colonize Mars, and Virgin Galactic wants to launch people into space for vacation in its new Space Ship Two vehicle.

Don’t plan that honeymoon yet.  

Having sex in space may be difficult as the blood vessels needed for a man to have an erection are very low as well as testaterone.   Same goes for women to get aroused.  Then there is gravity.  While you are trying to get fancy with your partner they may float away.  However, they are working on a device to strap you together.  

While sex can get steamy here on earth, it can get down right gross in space because sweat builds up in layers around your body.  Sweat will be flying everywhere, gross.    

I am sure the above-mentioned issues will not discourage adventurous couples to try a different destination for sex, so grab your favorite lingerie and a helmet. 

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