Signs you are with a Toxic Lover

Everyone at one point in our lives ends up dating a toxic man, or woman.  We attract them based on our own vibration, or state of mind.  If you are not in a good place mentally you will attract a toxic partner.

How do you know it’s toxic?  Here are some signs:

1.  You feel drained and depleted of happiness and energy

2.  They have a need to judge you, be critical of your hair, make-up, outfits anything to put you down in order for them to feel good about him, or herself because deep down inside they hate themselves

3.  Charming at first, but extremely controlling within a few dates.  Even ordering your meals at dinner as well as dictating and selecting who you should be friends with, or not

4.  Tries to seclude you from your friends and family, so you can fall into their layer of darkness like entering a cult

5. Always miserable around your friends and family.  Sometimes they will be nice, but they will want to leave as part of their controlling personality.

6.  You feel ugly, fat, insecure about anything and everything; even your own existence

7.  Cheating in any form, yes they will be sneaky by texting on the DM, or Facebook IM

8.  Lying about small things that don’t matter, yet they have a need to lie.

9.  Abusive in any form physical, or verbal.  You literally can be all calm on a Sunday afternoon then he, or she blows up at you in a fiery of anger over something minor that is not life threatening.

10.  Jealousy

11.  Commands you to be his, or her personal concierge then blames you if something goes wrong.

12.  Narcissistic

13.  Sociopath, 1 out of every 25th person is a sociopath (keep your eyes out).  These people have no regard for your feelings, nor have any empathy.

14.  You can never do it right comment, it’s always your fault.  They make themselves out to be always right then make you apologize when they are clearly wrong.

15.  There’s no smooth flow anytime you are together.  You are constantly feeling left insecure and unworthy.

16.  You start to feel that you are walking on egg shells.

Don’t fall into this trap and attract a toxic partner.

Remember you are beautiful inside and out.  You were created in perfection.  You deserve to be treated with love and respect.

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