iYura Rukshadi Dry Hair & Scalp Nectar And Nidradi Oil Review

Every winter, due to the endless blowing heaters, my scalp decides to freak out and shed. 

This year I decided to try iYura Rukshadi Dry Hair & Scalp Nectar along with Nidradi Oil

iYura Rukshadi Dry Hair & Scalp Nectar 

Photo credit: iYura

The silky-smooth Vegan oil has a faint herb smell. The oil contains 9 Ayurvedic ingredients (8 are herbs).

On the initial application, I felt it worked to restore my scalp imbalance and helped relieve the irritation. By the fourth use, my scalp looked and felt healthy; hair felt revitalized, bouncy, and shiny.

The other reason I was intrigued by this product is that it helps with aging hair. As we grow older, the oil glands in our skin and scalp get smaller with time and do not produce oil as well as it did during our youthful years.

This oil travels down the hair follicle and protects the shaft. I color, use a blow dryer along with a flat iron, so I beat up my hair, and I noticed that it felt weak and straggly. This natural oil gave my hair a much-needed boost of moisture and conditioned the ends.

Check out these before and after photos:

Scalp after one week

Nidradi Oil 

Photo credit: iYura

I began to use the Nidradi Oil due to my hair shaft and split ends were weak and dry.

The oil feels velvety smooth on your hands, so it’s easy to massage into your hair. The formulation is a mix of tender coconut water, sesame oil, cow milk, greater Galangai, vetiver grass, Indian blue water lily, sandalwood, licorice, and essential oil of chamomile. The smell is herbal, but not too intense. I especially like that it is a non-greasy formula, and both products are 100% natural, no mineral oil, parabens, chemicals, and they are not tested on animals. Another bonus of using Nidradi is that it has calming traits that help in getting a relaxing sleep.

After a month of use, my hair looks and feels replenished and full of life.

I highly recommend these products to be used in conjunction if you are experiencing dry, weak, frail, dull hair. They are a permanent solution to dandruff, dry scalp, hair loss, as well as aging hair.

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The products were gifted by iYura. The opinions are entirely my own based on my experience.


  1. SimpleSerenity

    I had the same problem. My scalp was so dry and itchy few weeks ago due to heating and just winter weather. It took me few weeks of using a nourishing oil on my scalp to brig it back to normal. This seems like amazing product, I’ll add it to wish list as I really want to try it. Your hair is beautiful. xx

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