How to solve common winter skin problems

Happy Tuesday!  

I must admit getting back to the swing of things has been in sloth mode. 🤨 However, winter skin issues never take a break.  

Here are some solving methods to tackle your Common Winter Skin Problems:  

Cracking or flaking foundation

This happens to me every season when I forget to apply my foundation to a well-moisturized face. Make sure you’re giving your skin an extra layer of moisture before applying any makeup. Try an Essence before using your serum then your moisturizer. If it feels thick or dense, give it a minute or so to soak into your skin, so it doesn’t mix with the foundation when you try to apply it.

Static hair

Hair gets dry in the winter from the lack of moisture along with all the heaters, and we also tend to wear more hats and beanies. Thus leading to staticky hair that looks like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket. Wash your hair less often! And at the same time, keep it hydrated. Swap out alcohol-containing products. Use styling creams, or Tresemme Anti-Frizz Smoothing Sheets since alcohol can zap the moisture out of your hair real quick. The sheets are small, convenient, and travel-friendly. I cannot live without them in my purse, especially on rainy days.  

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Chapped lips

This may be the most common winter beauty problem. Everyone tends to get dry lips in these colder months. Chapped lips can be painful and also look pretty unflattering. Lip scrubs and heavy-duty lip balms will be your best friend in the winter. For the last 2 years, I have been using Laneige overnight sleeping mask, which hydrates my lips all winter long.  

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Dry hands

Just like your hair and lips, your hands are subject to the lack of moisture as well. Even gloves can make your hands look worse for wear. Make sure to apply lotion to your hands every time you wash your hands or come inside from frigid temps. And you’ll definitely want a heavy-duty nighttime hand cream on your nightstand this winter. I am using CO Bigelow at night before bed.  

Red nose

If you live in areas with especially cold or harsh winters, you know your nose can get red when out and about. Rather than looking like Rudolph until springtime, you can use a color corrector to conceal the redness. I hear that Peter Thomas Roth Skin To Die For® Redness-Reducing Treatment Primer and Dior Fix It 2-in-1 Prime & Color Correct are good ones to solve this issue.  

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Do you have any tricks or products you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.  

Sending beauty vibes! 💋

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  1. SimpleSerenity

    I wanted to try Laneige lip sleeping mask for so long, I can’t wait to go travelling to buy it. I have really dry lips and most lip balms don’t do anything for them, but this product is so well loved by so many people that I’m sure it will work for me also. xx

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