The Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating Apps

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Online dating nowadays is like playing Blackjack; there are some hit or misses. However, you can beat the odds by creating a stellar online profile along with some of these Dos and Don’ts suggestions.

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Giving too much of your time texting

Your time is precious, so texting for endless hours is a total waste of time. Set up a date to meet reasonably quickly so that you can see if you hit it off and if it’s worth investing more time into the relationship.

Diversify Your Photos

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Selfies can trigger feelings of narcissism to some men. It’s not a complete picture of who you are IRL. Add a variety of photos, including action shots, full-body shots, and candids. Also, make sure the spotlight is on you and no one else. Don’t appear to be too friendly with anyone of the opposite gender, as this can be a significant red flag for people viewing your profile. Lastly, do not post too many group photos. People have a short attention span, so posting too many group photos does not convey the essence of how fabulous you are.

Not saying what you are looking for

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No one is a mind reader. Listing what you’re exactly looking for helps weed out those who are incompatible with you. You do not need to write a whole novel. It can be as simple as writing ‘no hookups’ or ‘looking for something stable.’ This allows people coming across your profile to know what they are getting into and will enable you to avoid wasting time with someone who might have a different end goal in mind.

Be a snobby/selective swiper

You are not basic, therefore, use your right-swipes wisely. Sit down and truly analyze each one and trust your gut. Reduce your choices to three or four people you are having a conversation with, it will be easy to keep up with them without feeling overwhelmed.

All that matters is that you enjoy the process of getting to meet new people and may end up learning more about yourself in the process. You are only single once, so don’t get bogged down by negative feelings.

Always know and never give up that your “special someone” is out there waiting for you.

Sending endless love vibes! 💋

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