5 Helpful Meditation Tips

For the last year and some months, I have been meditating 40 minutes a day, which was hard at first. However, I broke it down to 20 minutes in the am and 20 minutes before bed.

Last week, I finally broke down and purchased a year subscription for the Headspace app to continue my practice, so when I read this post from Don’t Give A Jam, it was beneficial, and I wanted to share it with you all.

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OTHER THAN the obvious clearing your mind, I wanted to share some meditation tips that I’ve found helpful. I learned a bit about meditation in college & liked it right away. SO I TRY to incorporate it into my daily schedule as best I can, even if that just means doing some walking meditation! MEDITATING makes me feel less stressed & more balanced, SO here are 5 helpful meditation tips in case you’re tryna meditate.



  • FEELS pretty obvious, but focusing on breathing is a huge part of meditation. HOWEVER, try not to force anything, allow yourself to breathe naturally.


  • MEDITATION is all about focusing your thoughts, but you also have to allow for error, let yourself be human. If your mind wanders for a moment about what you’re going to make for dinner, let it. What’s defrosted? What needs to be eaten before it spoils? THEN be mindful about re-focusing your thoughts & go right back to meditating.


  • WHAT sound relaxes you? Ocean waves, birds chirping, soothing music, or perhaps nothing at all. FIND a sound that helps you clear your mind & go with that.


  • IT’S easier to focus on your meditation when you’re comfortable. Whether you make a dedicated cozy spot in your home, or like to meditate while you walk, or shower, find a spot that makes your mind feel free & meditate there. 


  • MAKE meditation part of your routine, even if it’s just 5 minutes a day. Once it becomes integrated into your schedule, it’ll become second nature.

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