Glyderm Skincare Review

Even though I use SPF 50, (I forget to reapply) the intense Mediterranean sun causes hyperpigmentation by September. This year I am combating it with Glyderm Skincare. I decided to use Glyderm after reading several reviews of women who have been using the skincare line for many years.  

At the heart of the GlyDerm line is glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid. Glycolic acid works by penetrating the skin to help remove and exfoliate the dry uppermost layer, leaving skin looking smoother, healthier, and more youthful. This potent ingredient helps diminish dark spots, minimize wrinkles, smooth rough skin, and much more.  GlyDerm offers products with a few different strengths catering to different skin types. Your dermatologist will decide what strength peel is right for your skin type and its needs, and will send you home with a skincare regimen especially designed for your skin.

Gentle Face CleanserΒ 

I suggest using two pumps if you have a lot of makeup on.  The cleanser is a lightly water-based no scent formula.  My face did not feel tight.  I like that it left my skin soft, supple, bouncy, and hydrated.   The cleanser does not lather, so use a makeup remover product, or wipes to remove mascara, concealer, eyeshadow, and eyebrow filler. 

Face Lotion Lite 5Β 

After my first use, my face was tingly.  It has a very light texture with a medicinal scent, not anything that one cannot handle as it is very faint.  It’s non-greasy.  I usually experience some redness and peeling after using glycolic products, but this lotion did not cause any skin irritation.  After 14 days of use, my skin is clearer, with less hormonal breakouts. 

Hydrotone Moisturizer Normal/DryΒ 

Say goodbye to the shines, and extra money in your wallet as there is no need to use a makeup primer upon your first application of this miraculous moisturizer.  It also relieved the tingly sensation of the Lotion 5.  It’s very thick in consistency, which is great for fall and winter with no smell yet highly moisturizing.  My skin feels supple and moisturized without an oily feel.  A minimal amount goes a long way as it is potent with a velvety, creamy texture.  If you are a Derma Roller user like me, then you absolutely need this moisturizer.  Post-Derma Rolling, it helps speed the recovery. 

After using the product for 14 days straight, I can see my skin looking more radiant as well as the old brown spots have lightened up significantly.  Glyderm also improved the overall texture of my skin. 

Check out these images to see the difference:Β 

I highly recommend these products, especially if you suffer from acne as chemical exfoliators such as glycolic acid keep your pores small.   The larger the pores, the more sebum is created, which causes clogged pores.  

Please note this is a physician skincare line, so I did not include pricing.

Click here to find a physician that carries the GlyDerm line of skincare products. Before stopping by or scheduling an appointment, I suggest calling the physician’s office to ensure product availability.

Here are other options to purchase online:,, &

Have you tried any Glyderm Skincare products?  If so, which ones?  Leave us a comment below.


I received a press sample for review.  The opinions are entirely my own based on my experience.


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