Top Plastic Surgeon shares with us the latest advances in non-invasive beauty

The latest technology and advances in non-invasive beauty treatments change so fast that we can hardly keep up.  

Fortunately, for you, I was able to chat with Dr. Gary Linkov, a dual Ivy League-educated top facial plastic surgeon in New York City. 

Dr. Gary Linkov

What are the Latest advances for women looking to do non-invasive treatments?

Jet Peel, it is a machine that has a tip that hovers over the skin and can penetrate up to 4 millimeters into the skin. It can be used for a facial with hyaluronic acid or for infusing platelet rich plasma (PRP), essentially a bloodless version of a vampire facial.   The best part is that there is no downtime.   You can also choose to have PRP with a tiny poke hole then goes under the skin with very little pain to place a cannula, which is effective for skin rejuvenation.  

Jet Peel Treatment

If you have fine lines, wrinkles, and some blemishes, microneedling is useful, but if you have deeper wrinkles it is best to do the Jet Peel with PRP, or if you just want a bit more volume in areas like your temples, and cheeks. The procedure is good for three-six months, and you will notice a difference in 2-4 weeks.  The cost for a Jet Peel is $1,000-$2,000.00 

Tell us about the new lip augmentation procedure?  

Elelyft lip lift, it’s the opposite of lip filler.  No need to do it every 6 months like a filler.   It’s a one-time procedure to raise the lip and roll it back to expose the upper teeth.  Dr. Linkov makes a cut at the base of the nose, removes a portion of skin, and reduces the philtrum to roll out the upper lip to look more full, and now the upper teeth are more visible for a pouty pronounced look.  One of the signs of beauty can be seen on repose, that’s when you gently open your mouth and some of your upper teeth show.  This new treatment is fantastic as studies have found that some patients that receive fillers develop scar tissue and an unfavorable heaviness to the lips.  

The cost for a Elelyft Lip Lift $3,000.00-$4,000.00 

Tell us about Jeuveau?  

It’s the same as Botox, but it will last at least as long as Botox and potentially longer.  Since it’s so new, the data is still out on the exact time frame. The cost is $300-400 per area. 

What is Face Contouring?

Dr. Linkov uses Botox and fillers to change how wide or slim you want your face to appear. The cost is $800-$2500 

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