Funny dating books to read this summer

Ever since the dawn of mating and dating, men and women have always searched for knowledge on how to best date to find the “one.” I never had a clue, so I relied heavily on self-help dating books to guide me through the turbulent years of dating in Los Angeles and New York.

The list below are books I read in the past that have carried me through those years of making bad dating decisions.

The Betches – I had a nice time and other lies

This book is hysterical! The authors of the book will call you out on some of the neurosis that we experience as women, but in an entertainingly, so it’s not offensive.

The Rules

This book is genius! I never knew not to say no if I man asked me out on the same day, which can be viewed in two ways, yay he likes me, or this guy does not value my time. The authors teach you about boundaries with men along with a host of other invaluable advice. This was my original dating Bible.

Why Men Love Bitches

Don’t let the cover scare you. This book is all about self-love, self-care, and finding your value. The author teaches every woman to tap into her inner goddess, so she can stop being treated like a doormat in a relationship.

Act like a lady and think like a man

Steve Harvey brilliantly helps us girls see what’s going on inside the male brain. I really enjoyed how he speaks to you in a fatherly way. This is not a book for women set in their ways because it will provoke you to see his message in a different light.

Date like a Man

Before reading this book, I used to date each guy like he was the one and only on earth. The authors explain plainly and humorously that you need “a pair and a spare.” In other words, date (without sleeping) three men in case one acts up you have two that can earn your heart. This book teaches you how to make better choices with men from a male dating perspective without compromising your femininity.

As with all these self-help books, you can pick and can choose the formula that is right for your beautiful heart.

Sending love vibes! πŸ’‹

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