Did you know there’s an exact order to apply shower products? Here’s how

Happy Good Friday!! 🌷

Have you ever wondered what comes first: the body wash or the shampoo?

According to dermatologists, there’s a specific order they believe works best in terms of keeping everything in optimal shape.

It turns out that washing your body should be the last step if you are shampooing your hair first, and exfoliating because it rinses off residuals from the first two steps.

The post-shampoo body cleanse is vital, since certain ingredients in hair products—especially conditioners—could potentially spring up breakouts (think silicones, ultra-heavy oils, and the like). If you have acne, your hair products could trigger an outbreak. It is best to wash your face and body after rinsing your hair thoroughly.

The mistake people make is washing their body first. You end up with loose skin cells, even worst the conditioners are pore-clogging, which results in backne (AKA back acne). 🙈

If you have dandruff and use a medicated shampoo, you should leave that on your scalp while you wash your face and body, and then shampoo and condition.

To avoid dry skin all year long keep your showers brief, and if you exfoliate use a buttery, creamy moisturizer with a dash of your favorite oil immediately after you towel dry.

Wishing you all a fabulous Passover and Easter weekend! 💋

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