Want better skin this Spring? Try Skin Fasting

For the last 15 years, there are months that I choose one day a week to do a juice fast to detox my body, but did you know fasting can do wonders for your skin too?

Skin fasting is when you forgo skin care products and excessive cleansing to strengthen its protective barrier and normalize the secretion of natural oils.

What is it?

Skin fasting is a New Age technique where a person avoids every kind of skin care product like lotion, toner, and serum. The duration for skin fasting varies from one person to another because everyone has different skin types – oily, dry, or normal. By eliminating your skincare products, your skin produces a natural oil called sebum, which works to counteract moisture loss. With too much artificial beauty products applied to your skin, you’re training your skin to stop producing its natural oils. Therefore, skin fasting is rooted in the idea that you must allow your skin to “breathe.”

How do you do it?

Try one day a week then work your way up to a week. Only use cool to lukewarm water in the morning, and at night, so you don’t strip away oils from your skin. Be sure to drink lots of water and keep your room hydrated. Skin fasting is ridding your skin of any and all kinds of product. This means no cleansers, toner, serums, moisturizers, or makeup for the duration of your skin fasting process. By eliminating these products for a period of time, your skin can heal and return to its natural state. Then, you can slowly re-introduce products to figure out what works best for your skin.

What are the benefits?

In the process of skin fasting, you’re protecting yourself from dryness and external factors like UV rays, air pollution, and harsh temperatures, whereas excessive beauty products strip your skin of its ability to renew skin cells. Weakened skin leads to wrinkles, dark spots, sagging, and aging, so eliminating skin care products for some time it helps your skin begin making its own natural oils again, leaving your skin revitalized and vibrant. It can even help clear up acne and eczema.

Are there side effects?

Skin fasting helps in rebooting the skin naturally. However, if you have any skin problem or you are using any medicated products, ask your dermatologist first. Other side effects of skin fasting in the first few days can include dry or oily skin patches, but as your skin begins to neutralize, its natural maintenance system will kick in.

Have you tried skin fasting? If so, what was your experience? Let us know in the comments.

Sending beauty vibes! 💋

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  1. SimpleSerenity

    I never heard of this actually. It sounds really interesting and I might give it a go. I have combination normal skin, my T zone is extremely oily and the rest of skin is normal. I might do this process this Sunday to see how will my skin feel. xx

  2. Dewana 💓

    I find it ironical and amusing that i’ve been skin fasting for a long time thanks to my country the heat is something else so i really don’t put on anything so i don’t sweat but nice to see it has amazing benefits
    Great post❤

  3. Noreen

    I do tend to give my skin good breaks from products but I always use a cleanser. Maybe I should give this a go because nowadays I always see my applying moisturizers day and night. Whereas, before my skin would be excellent on its own and I miss that.

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