Slide into Spring Acne Free with Shelby Naturals

As the season change, so does our skin.  

This Spring I am using Shelby Naturals to combat post winter carnival of breakouts wreaking havoc on my face.  

This easy to use kit is great because it takes out all of the guesswork — you just follow three steps, and you’re done.  

Cleanser $22.49

The idea of washing your face with oil might seem counterintuitive (I’m trying to get the oil off, not put it on) but based on the whole principle:  β€œlike dissolves like,” this oil is stellar at wiping away makeup. For waterproof mascara, you want something with an oil, so it dissolves and removes the mascara.

The undiluted oil smells earthy.  I like how its light in texture while it glides across my face seamlessly.  Once I wash it off with water, my skin feels bouncy and dewy.

I really like an oil-based cleanser because it removes thicker makeup while a regular gel, foam, or water-based cleanser will do enough to remove my makeup on light days. 

Among the many certified organic acne fighting ingredients, the top three are:

  • camellia seed oil: strong antioxidant, collagen producer & anti-microbial
  • golden jojoba oil: rich in vitamin e, anti-aging, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
  • otto olive oil: strong antioxidant, high in vitamin E and polyphenols

Click here for the complete list

Toner $22.49 

It’s delicately orange blossom fragrant is relaxing.  It immediately hydrates and soothes lackluster skin.  After using it, it calmed my irritated face, after my at-home Derma Rolling treatment.  Toners usually burn, but this toner helped soothe my sensitive skin.   The anti-aging benefits of vegetable glycerin are definitely an added bonus to this product.  You can also use it as a setting spray.

Serum $37.49 

This serum leaves my skin feeling dewy and awakened.  It absorbs well without any residue or film making it ideal for post-winter dehydrated skin.  I also liked that my face was glowing, but did not look greasy as there are days I don’t apply makeup.  As you can see in the picture below, it left my skin feeling soft and radiant.  

After 10 days – Shelby Naturals Serum

Check out the stellar ingredient list:  

  • moroccan argan oil:  strong antioxidant, high in vitamins a + e + c, boosts cell + collagen production
  • sweet orange:  high in limonene, myrcene and vitamin c, potent antioxidants. Anti-Inflammatory.
  • bergamot:  reduces scars and all marks on the skin (dark + age spots)
  • myrrh:  potent antioxidant 
  • neroli:  revives skin at a cellular level

These products are an essential mainstay for any skin type as they are superheroes to combat acne without sacrificing hydration.  

The price point of these products is ideal as you can get real results without leaving a hole in your wallet.  

I am happy they are part of my skincare regime this spring, especially while traveling because they deliver results without sacrificing time. 

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Have you tried Shelby Naturals products?  If so, let us know in the comments below.  


I received a press sample for review.  The opinions are entirely my own based on my experience.


  1. ayrgalaxy

    I’ve never heard of this brand before. The oil cleanser sounds interesting, I’d be hesitant to use that as a cleanser too.
    The toner sounds super lovely, the orange blossom is supposed to be really good for your skin. And of course the serum, those have become faves in my skincare.

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