Chemist Confessions Aquafix and The Better Oil Review

A couple of weeks ago I attended a beauty event at the New London Pharmacy in Chelsea.

That’s when I met the founders of Chemist Confessions, Gloria Lu and Victoria Fu.  These two amazing women are chemical engineers that were making skincare products for a beauty conglomerate then decided to go on their own to demystify, and reinvent skincare.  They saw firsthand that the skincare industry is basically just smoke and mirrors.

All of their products list the percentage of each ingredient, so you know exactly what you are getting in each bottle.  

Thus far, I have been using Aquafix and the Better Oil for a couple of weeks now, and here are my impressions:  

Aquafix $35.00 

First of all, I love the packaging because it’s sturdy and straightforward enough to withstand my international flights.  The gel-like texture feels substantive as it has hydrating humectants.   My skin was feeling super dry after using Glow’s exfoliator, so my skin gulped it right up.  The active ingredients of Allantoin Madecassoside/Asiaticoside soothed my dry, irritated skin throughout the night.  As you can see in the picture below the ingredients of Glycerin Sodium PCA,  Panthenol, and Sodium Hyaluronate kicked in deep because there is no stiffness, or patches of dry skin.  

The Better Oil $39.00

Upon applying this feather-like yet penetrating oil, you can smell the ingredients of sea buckthorn, black currant, and rosehip.   The scent does not linger.  The linolenic and linoleic acids blend so well into my skin that after applying my moisturizer I did not need my primer, so that alone is a major savings.  Added benefits of this oil:  essential free fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic acid, for a brighter complexion, Alpha-bisabolol: A soothing powerhouse derived from German chamomile.

I highly recommend these products, especially if you are experiencing skin conditions such as acne, irritated skin due to a post med spa treatment, patchy dry skin, dullness, or a hormonal outbreak.  

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Have you tried Chemist Confessions products?  If so, let us know in the comments below.  

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I received a press sample for review.  The opinions are entirely my own based on my experience.


  1. SimpleSerenity

    I love how minimal the packing is, it always makes me excited to find a brand that focus more on formula rather than making packing over the top. I love this review, it’s very helpful. xx

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