Things to Do with your extra hour

I associate Daylight Savings Time as a symbol that spring is an arm’s length away.

Yes, for a week you will be a walking zombie trying to adjust, but the tradeoff is so worth it: an extra hour of daylight. Happiness!!!

Here are 10 great ways to spend your newfound time:


Self-care and self-love begin and ends with your mind. My new favorite meditating apps are Unplug, and Headspace. These apps are so easy and fun to use that you will look forward to each meditation session.

Get moving

Take a Barre, Pilates, or yoga class to get bikini ready for summer. It’s never too late to begin an exercise regime.

Invest in yourself

Sit back, relax and watch a Ted Talk, or a life coach that speaks to your interest. It’s a great way to mind hack yourself for success.

Host a daylight dinner party

Your overall β€œsurvival rate” increases by 50% if you have strong social relationships, so get together with your friends and share some laughs.

Get together with someone you admire, or your mentor.

Nourish your existing relationships. There’s so much we can learn from someone we admire, or a mentor. Knowledge is power!

Go plant shopping

Spring is the beginning of life; why not bring life and oxygen into your home.

Plan a flower show visit to celebrate spring

Many cities host flower shows, and they are the ultimate of relaxation. Just walking through the show, the flowery scents as well as seeing all the displays helps you remove yourself from distractions, reduce negative emotions and rid yourself of stress. The bonus is awesome Insta worthy pics!

Drink a cup of coffee, or tea and read a book

At least once a week, pick up a book and read. Whether you’re in it to learn or relax, losing yourself in a book can be one of the biggest self-care acts.

Cook in advance

Prepare some quick and easy meals you can freeze and thaw out during a busy work week. Cutting alone is so relaxing, and meditative at the same time.

Play a word puzzle game

Playing any puzzle, or word games helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells, to better problem-solving skills, it increases your IQ, it delays Dementia and Alzheimer’s, it improves your mood, and lowers your stress levels. My favorite free word puzzle game is Word Cookie. I play it on the Subway, or whenever I am in a line at a store, especially Sephora. 😜

Sending extra hour sunny vibes! πŸ’‹

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  1. ayrgalaxy

    I’ve started exercising and meditating. Though I’m still not waking as early as I’d like to, I find that when its sunrise much earlier I’m more inclined to want to get up early. And of course, when I exercise it makes me feel more energized and productive.

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