PiperWai Deodorant Review

As some of you know, I play tennis once a week, and it’s a mighty work out.  

Therefore, I am always in search of strong yet effective deodorants to get me through an intense hour of sweating.  

The last couple of weeks I put PiperWai, $11.99 a charcoal based deodorant up to the test to see if it really works.  

PiperWai Deodorant’s main ingredient is activated charcoal.  The difference between your everyday household charcoal and activated charcoal is that oxygen is added in, making activated charcoal more porous and better at absorption.  Activated charcoal absorbs odor-causing bacteria and moisture the same way it absorbs toxins in the body.

Its primary purpose is to absorb the body’s toxins. Did you know that many emergency rooms utilize activated charcoal when dealing with patients who have been poisoned or have been through an overdose?  Pretty interesting, right? 

I was drawn to PiperWai Deodorant because no other natural deodorant company is using activated charcoal to absorb odor and wetness.

PiperWai comes in three different types of packaging, a jar, a stick and a mini jar.  The mini jar is what I used. 

You have to scoop it out with your finger, which I had trouble with at first because my index fingernail was long, so I over scooped.  Things got messy when I applied it as the excess pieces were flying all over my bathroom, so only use a pea size.  It has a consistency of putty with a faint herbal smell that is not overpowering.  

After Tennis, I checked my armpits, and to my surprise, they stayed dry for the entire game, and it did not put one inch of stain on my white top.  

The next day, I did hot yoga, which is a fury of crazy sweat! I experienced a small amount of wetness, which is super rare for me.  

I highly recommend the product, but only in a stick version as it may get too messy to scoop out of the jar,  especially if you like to wear your nails long.  

Since you only use a drop size of the product if you buy the jar size, it should last a year.  

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Have you tried PiperWai deodorant?  Let us know in the comments below.


This is a sponsored post.  The opinions are entirely my own based on my experience.


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