Biopelle Skincare Line Review

The change of seasons can wreak havoc on our skin, so I always switch up my products to recalibrate.

This year I chose Biopelle because of it’s SCA Biorepair Technology, a special secretion from the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail, which contains growth factors combined with glycoproteins and antioxidants to help repair, maintain and protect skin from the noticeable signs of photodamage.  


The oil-free cleanser is weightless in texture, but it thoroughly cleanses the skin gently, especially after a med spa procedure or at home derma rolling.  I used it in the morning a day after I Derma Rolled at night, and it was non-irritating.  It’s ideal for sensitive and acne-prone skin.  If you have baked on makeup, I suggest doing two cleanses as the product is too feathery.


All you need is 2 pumps to get the full benefits of this serum.  The gel-like texture allows the skin to absorb it quickly.  I was excited to use the serum because of the Growth Factor ingredient.  Growth Factors are known for their ability to boost cells into rejuvenating the skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while firming and tightening.  This serum came in handy as I used it in St. Bart’s because it decreases sun damage.  If your skin tends to be drier in the winter months, you may want to add a drop of oil as it may not be enough to moisturize your skin from the harsh environmental conditions.  


While traveling my eyes appeared tired and worn down.  This eye cream came in handy as it is formulated with peptides to help brighten and hydrate with a dash of tint; it also fights fine lines and wrinkles.  I do not have mature skin, but check out these before and after photos from the Biopelle website.  You can see a real difference.  


I love this moisturizer for spring and summer as it dries to a matte finish.  It is ideal for normal-to-oily skin if you are experiencing early signs of aging.  It helped sooth my face after my Retin A medication.   The ingredients in this moisturizer help activate the skin’s stem cells to produce new healthy cells.  

Check out these photos after 19 days of use:

You can see a difference of firmness on my marionette line 

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Have you used any Biopelle products?  Let us know in the comments below.

Sending vibrant beauty vibes!  💋


This is a sponsored post.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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