How actress, model Lorianna Izrailova handles rejection in Hollywood & How She Keeps Her Skin so Flawless

Lorianna Izrailova is an actress, model known for Limitless, Are We There Yet? And Ugly Betty. She has been in some major campaigns for Loreal and Christian Louboutin.

I had the privilege to interview Lorianna Izrailova on how she deals with rejection in Hollywood as well as her insider beauty secrets to flawless skin.

Photographed by Dorothy Shi

Q. What tools or coping mechanisms do you use to shift your perspective when things don’t go your way, and dealing with rejection?

Well, firstly I’d like to thank you for thinking of me on this topic and for giving me such high praises.

It’s a crucial question you ask because in showbiz you face a lot of rejection over and over again and you learn to grow thick skin over time. What works for me is that I simply let go and move on when things don’t go my way. If you can’t control what’s not in your hands why stress it, instead I try to focus my energy on what can be done better next time. Basically, I look at it this way; auditioning is an art of its own and kind of different from acting. Many times I hear famous actors talk about how they must have gone to hundreds of auditions before booking that one good gig. I’ve recently taken a seminar in LA on auditioning taught by Dennis Baker at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and found a new perspective on auditioning. Dennis talks about how going into an audition room you’re probably not going to get the job and that’s the absolute norm, it’s considered a shock if you actually book it. Sounds a bit counter-intuitive but it’s actually a healthy perspective because you let go of the pressure. Of course, that goes without saying that you come in the most prepared as you can ever be and do the best work. You have to keep in mind that sometimes (or most of the time) you won’t be a perfect fit for the role and that’s okay, the more I audition, the better I get at it, and it makes me a much stronger and confident actor. One of my favorite actors, Bryan Cranston, puts it brilliantly in his “A Life in Parts” book and I quote “Don’t worry about getting the job, just do good acting work. Leave people with the impression that you can do good work.” In my mind, it speaks volumes because once you’re focused solely on that, something will eventually come your way, just be patient and trust the process.

Q. Have you taken any courses, seminars or worked with a life coach?

I’ve never worked with a life coach, but I’ve taken some amazing leadership courses in my life that I was able to pull essential tools from that have shifted my life perspective, and I certainly keep those handy in my toolbox. I’m a self-proclaimed junkie in actor training, most of the time you’ll find me in some sort of a class or a seminar. I’ve trained with one of the best at the William Esper Studio getting my 2-year degree in acting. I’ve recently done some improv training at UCB both in NY and LA schools and highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested in learning about comedic timing. I can safely say I will never stop learning about acting and I believe there’s always room to better yourself at your craft. In Tony Robbins’s “I’m Not Your Guru” latest documentary he says,

We’re meant to grow so we can have something to give, we can’t give something we don’t have” and that resonates so well with me.

Photographed by Robert Clyde Grima

Q. Which books have you read to prepare you for mental success to deal with the ups and downs of acting, and modeling?

I would say overall I’m self-taught through experience. There are always ups and downs in both acting and modeling, and that’s just the nature of the business as I’m sure in any line of work. I believe real success comes from learning from your mistakes. So failure is actually okay with me because it challenges me to be better. I remember in my 1st year of acting school my teacher, Terry Knickerbocker, mentioned that we read lots and lots of biographies of influential people and that’s one of the best advises I’ve gotten, being inspired by others is my mental success. Terry is probably one of the best acting teachers I’ve ever met, not only he’s taught me so much about the craft of acting but indirectly (and I’m not sure he knows this) he has also helped me find new light, strength, and perspective on life. I’m currently reading Michael Caine’s latest book, “Blowing the Bloody Doors Off” and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s in the biz or interested in pursuing it, hands down one of the greatest biographies I’ve read.

Photographed by Rick Day

Q. What is the mental headspace you get into before an audition?

Mentally I’m rehearsing for the job I’ve already gotten an audition is just the opportunity for me to showcase my work. I try to breathe so the nerves don’t get the best of me. Usually, before an audition, I’ll do some sort of vocal and physical exercise, so I’m relaxed and present at the audition.

Photographed by Itaysha Jordan 

Q. How do you keep your skin so flawless post a movie or photoshoot?

Thanks for considering my skin flawless, it’s certainly isn’t all that, but I try to do my best to keep it fresh. Being on set and in front of stage lights my skin can get dehydrated quickly, so I try to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Post work day, I’ll cleanse and moisturize my skin followed by a good night’s rest. Simple as that 🙂

Thank you, Lorianna, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

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Sending inspiring vibes! 💋

Featured photographed by Robert Clyde Grima

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