Bumble now let’s you use Astrology to find love

Horray it’s Friday!

It’s going to be a cold winter for male Scorpio’s as Bumble released its new Zodiac sign filter.  (Male Scorpio’s, voted as the most disliked zodiac sign for dating).

Last month, the app rolled out a new set of advanced filters, allowing users across Bumble’s romantic, business, and friendship platforms to sort profiles based on a series of personal interests and preferences. Among the advanced filters which have been added on Bumble Date along with star sign are height, exercise preferences, education level, and drinking and smoking habits. With the star sign filter, users can tool their matches only to show sure signs, or to block out known offenders.

Bumble states that they have found from talking to their users that astrology is something they are really interested in, so they wanted to factor that into their experience on Bumble,” Bumble chief brand officer, Alex Williamson said in a statement: “we want users to match with people who they find the most compatible, but also, to help them find new types of people to connect with, too.

The star sign filters are also available on Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, which spares users from needing to pry that information out of future friends and collaborators the old-fashioned way. Bumble BFF also invites users to filter by what they’re looking for, be it workout companions, travel buddies, coworking friends, roommates, or fellow moms to have kid playdates with. Bumble Bizz filters relationship types by things like freelance work, networking, mentors, and investors. All Bumble users are able to utilize two filters available on the platform of their choice for free. Just know that adding more filters requires a paid membership with Bumble Boost.

As these dating apps become more sophisticated in their algorithms who knows what they will come up with next.

Sending chillaxing weekend vibes! 💋

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  1. Joy

    This is so interesting, I don’t need a date and I don’t need necessarily believe in astrology, I still think it’s fun. I feel bad for my brother cause he is a scorpio :p

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