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Last minute travel can be exciting yet stressful, especially for me as I am a planner. My fiance is a last minute vacation planner, so I decided to create a cheat sheet travel apps for you to get through your last minute vacation stress-free.

Need to book a decent hotel room on a budget? HotelTonight is ideal for last-minute bookings as it scours the web for top-rated hotel rooms at discounted rates.

This app is the jack of all trades when it comes to booking a last-minute vacation. You can instantly search and compare cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals at just the tap of a screen.
This app will allow you access to over 30,000 restaurants around the world. It is so easy to use, plus you can use their filters to find a romantic restaurant, or a new hot one.

If you prefer the home-away-from-home experience, use this popular app to find a cozier place to stay. You can filter your searches with what kind of room (single room or entire home), price, location, and more.

This app is certainly the “fairest” of them all. Simply type in where you want to go, and it’ll provide you with the lowest airfares for the next three months.

Last Minute Travel 
If you’re constantly traveling, this app is worth the $50 annual fee. Members of this app can score up to 65 percent off hotel rooms, flights, and more!

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