Winter travel essentials under $10.00

Happy Humpday!

The chill is officially here, and if you are planning to make the great escape to the Carribean, or a warm-weather destination why not pack these must-have travel essentials under $10.00.

Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Remover Cleansing Facial Towelettes, Target $5.99

I never leave on a trip without these towelettes; they are super hydrating! They will also avoid those evil spills all over your precious clothing during flight. You can pack them into your carry on baggage for a quick cleansing during an overnight flight.

Pantene Sheer Volume Dry Shampoo, Walgreens $5.99

At home, I usually use Oribe Dry shampoo, which is crazy expensive, but on a recent trip, I decided to pick up a bottle of this miracle Dry Shampoo. It goes on easy without the white streaks, plus the Victoria Secret Hair volume is fantastic.

Essie Nail Polish, $9.00

For quick touch-ups, this color is sure to put you into a spring forward mental space. During trips, I always lose my nail color from the chlorine in the pools, or from the battles I have zipping my overstuffed luggage.

OPI Crystal Nail File, $9.59

I am regimented about keeping my nails smooth during my trips, so I always pack a crystal nail file. This product is always out of stock due to its high demand.

Spring Valley Vitamin E Supplement, $7.88

When I get a pimple during my trip, I use Vitamin E as a spot treatment. I just take a gel capsule, crack it open, and dab the liquid on the pimple. It’s the most concentrated form of vitamin E. I find it’s a more natural remedy β€” gentler than using a harsh, over-the-counter gel or drying peroxide.

Sending sunny warm vibes! πŸ’‹

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