How to manifest an ideal partner like a boss

Happy, beautiful fall Tuesday!

Are the leaves changing in your city? New York trees today looked slightly golden with a dash of burgundy.

As the temperature falls, and your single self-settles into your cozy home, you begin to reflect on a relationship or a love interest that you would like to manifest into your life.

When you are ready to make love and relationship a priority, try these tips to manifest your ideal partner like a boss:

Acknowledge that you are worth it

Everything in life starts with your state of mind. As they say “your state creates your fate.”  You must believe with every fiber and cell of your being that you are love, you are smart, you are worthy, you are talented, you are amazing, and perfect in every way.

Be specific as to the ideal partner

Don’t be vague, or the universe will not deliver what you want. Be super specific and write down the wants on one column, height, blue eyes, etc., and needs/non-negotiables on a second column, monogamous character, integrity, etc.

Say out loud all the positive personality traits you want in a partner

I often hear my single friends say, “I don’t want a cheater,” “I don’t want a player.” You must stop yourself from saying these “I don’t want” Banish them out of your habit of speaking. Anything that you constantly think about, or concentrate on will show up in your reality. The more you say it, the more you draw those types of men in your life. Yes, we all know these are not the types of men you want in your life, but keep it in your head, not on speaker mode to the world. Use words like “I am manifesting my perfect partner who is honest, mature, loyal, who loves me so much and I am so ready to give that love back to this wonderful person. Speak only positives, and assume the feelings as if you already have this partner in your life.

Let go, the law of detachment

Don’t worry how this love partnership will come to you. Don’t obsess about the details, or act thirsty at social events. All you need to do is believe in your heart and your mind that what you desire is coming to you when you are in the right vibration in perfect timing.

Eliminate the doubt

Do not even for the slightest doubt that you will not find a love mate. The slightest doubt can knock you off the right yellow brick road to love. You must know and believe that you deserve a better reality. Nothing will come to you if you put a limiting belief, or thought in your mind.

Sending much love vibes because you are worth it! 💋

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