How to properly wash your hair for every hair type

Today, I have a special guest for you, Kathy Herskovits, a New York Celebrity Stylist, will tell us how to wash your hair for every hair type.

Here’s her advice:

Dry and curly hair

Curly hair lacks moisture, so you don’t want to over wash it. Once a week is best. Kathy recommends you use a gentle shampoo, so it does not strip the natural oils away. Typically two shampoos if the scalp is still waxy, and oily. You can do one more wash until the water has no residue in it. She says “you want to see your rinse water in the clear.” Furthermore, depending on how dry the hair is Kathy says to follow-up with a mask vs. a regular conditioner because the conditioner will slide off of your hair while the mask will treat it.

Color-treated hair


Kathy tells me that pairing your shampoo with the same color brand used to color your hair because of its ingredient and longer lasting color. A gentle sulfate-free shampoo is best, so you do not strip the color away.

Keratin treated hair


Only use sulfate free shampoo to not strip the treatment out.

Original Brazilian Blow Out Treated hair


Brazilian Blow out is different from Keratin treated hair because of the ingredients, and it’s chemicals.  Only wash your hair with a Brazilian shampoo because the ingredients pair with the treatment to not strip it away from the Brazilian Blow Out treatment. Do not use any sulfate free shampoo. Use the Brazilian Brand shampoo, only.

Over processed damaged hair


Since the hair is very fragile and easy to break. Most people with this type of hair usually do lots of highlights, or bleaching has led to weak tresses. Kathy recommends a gentle color-treated shampoo. The B-3, Bond Building Shampoo, B-3 Restoring Mask and once a month at the salon, B-3 Permanent Conditioner Treatment. This will reset the hair to a healthier stage. Please note your hair has to undergo stages of repair.  It is not an overnight fix.

Normal to fine hair


Use volumizing shampoo, like Wella for normal hair. For colored fine hair use Wella Brilliance, or if you have a Brazilian Blowout, there is a product for fine hair. Apply very light conditioner from the mid-shaft to ends. That way it does not “way down ” the hair, and you still have your volume. Use (only) very lightweight products. Apply volumizing sprays to achieve volume for styling.

Lastly, Kathy does not recommend washing your hair every day as it strips it from its natural oils. Instead, use a dry shampoo to absorb the oil and maintain your hairstyle.

Thank you so much Kathy for your insightful healthy hair washing tips!

Sending beautiful mane vibes! 💋

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