The Right Way to Apply Sunscreen

How’s everyone’s summer going?

I apologize for being MIA as the summer festivities have been occupying my blog time.

For ages, I have been applying sunscreen once a day, but then I read that we need to apply sunscreen every 80 minutes, or every two hours if you are feeling extra sweaty. After a swim, or playing an intense sport than you should reapply an additional layer after the game.

According to researchers from King’s College London recruited 16 “fair-skinned” participants and divided them into two groups of eight. From there, ScienceDaily reports, the first group was given high-SPF sunscreen that was applied in various levels of thickness, and these volunteers were exposed to simulated rays of sunshine just once. The second group received similar SPF protection, but these participants were exposed to the simulated rays over the course of five days to mimic a typical summer vacation under the sun.

The results of the study showed that the thicker the sunscreen application, the better the skin was protected, as those who received thinner sunscreen applications had higher “DNA damage,” per ScienceDaily, meaning these volunteers were more likely to see signs of sunburn. According to study led Antony Young, a professor at King’s College London, the team’s findings prove that how sunscreen is applied, as well as the level of SPF in the formula, will both play significant roles in terms of how effective the product will be.

Furthermore, it’s better for people to use a much higher SPF than they think is necessary. In theory, an SPF of 15 should be sufficient, but we know that in real-world situations, we need the additional protection offered by a higher SPF.

So the good news is, there’s no such thing as an over-applying sunscreen — in fact, when in doubt, dermatologists suggest to apply more than what you think might be necessary. You want to make sure you’re using enough to “cover all exposed skin.” Use one ounce of sunscreen — or enough to fill a shot glass, which should cover the full body of an average adult.

Don’t forget your precious face! Invest in beauty products that already contain SPF is an excellent line of defense. You can also use a daily moisturizer with SPF 30, primer, tinted moisturizer, or foundations formulated with an SPF into your daily routine before applying any makeup. Using multiple products can backfire, in that the SPF becomes diluted, so you want to be careful about overcompensating with too many products.

Don’t forget your sun protection is only as reliable as the highest SPF.

So go on ahead lather up, and lather often this summer!

Sending fun summer vibes! 💋

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  1. SimpleSerenity

    I usually use SPF 20, but I apply new layer every 30ish minutes. I apply very thin layers so my skin will be protected, but will tan also. That’s the only way for me to get any tan, because I usually just burn. SPF is so important, especially on face all year around. xx

  2. Joy

    I hope your summer is going well love!! Lovely and interesting post, I always buy foundations with SPF in them and I apply SPF 50 everyday [when I am not wearing makeup] cause my dermatologist is forcing me, but I guess he is right 😛

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