What’s in my bag this spring

Can you smell the weekend approaching? I hope so because the weather could not be any better.

As the season’s change, so do the products in my bag.

Here’s a peek into what I carry in my bag for Spring:

iPhone, as if any of us can live without it

Love strap, because it is a daily reminder to look at the world with love

Metro Card, yes, I am a real New Yorker, and the Subway is a life saver to get around the city, especially during rush hour.


Atomizer with my favorite perfume (I change the atomizers daily) depending on the scent I want. Right now, I am carrying Clean. The smell is light for spring and heavenly.


Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens, these wipes are the best, especially before a photo because it removes the forehead “shine.”

Chanel Sunglasses, always trying to keep it classy and sassyΒ πŸ˜‰

Aquaphor lip balm, not only will it nourish your lips, but it can be used as a lip gloss

L’Occitane, Fleurs de Censier, hand soap can be drying; this little gem keeps my hands silky smooth.

Dental Flosser, I love Kale salads but hate the leftover pieces caught between my teeth, so this comes in handy.

Apple Air Pods, loving these buds because I enjoy listening to Podcasts, or music when I am out and about without the annoying wires that tangle up in your purse.

Yves Saint Laurent Nude lipstick, Rouge Pur Couture. This lipstick is life! It glides on your lips with ease, and it has a faint rose clean smell.

Con Our, No 4, Ju Ju lip liner, I received this lip liner through Ipsy, and it’s not earth-shattering great, but it matches my nude lipstick.

Sephora Travel Bag, this pouch is excellent for all the little items like my keys. It avoids endless minutes of searching for all things small in my purse.

Givenchy Heels, on the days that I have an event, or dinner plans, I can take my day wear into after dark fun.

Sanell Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E, while on the subway you have no choice, but to hold on to the rails, gross, so this hand sanitizer keeps my hands clean.

Phone Charger with cord, no busy boss lady can leave the house, or apartment without this device.


BKR, glass water bottle, always try to stay hydrated

Hermes Sandals, these stylish sandals are my favorite to spruce up any outfit.


Sending spring time vibes! Β πŸ’‹

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    1. IngridMadisonAve

      Thank you! 😊 OMG, the perfume is so fresh and light yet it stays on. If you can get a sample, I highly recommend. xx πŸ’‹

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