How Best Friend’s Day became a National Holiday

Happy Best Friend’s Day!

Where would we be without our besties? These are the people we rely on when times are good, bad, or neutral.


So how and when did this become a national holiday?

While no one can precisely place their finger on the origin of Best Friend’s Day, some people believe that it started in 2002 in Richmond, Virginia. According to this origin story, several artists and musicians – who just so happened to all be best friends – decided to have a party at a local water park. However, they wanted to do a little more than have their friends at this party. They wanted something bigger. They wanted a celebration of epic proportions.

This was when they decided to create Best Friends Day and advertise it to the rest of Richmond, so everyone could invite their best friends and partake in the festivities too, which seemed like an excellent idea.
However, what they didn’t know was that this fun “holiday” would quickly bloom into one that would soon be observed by best friends all over the world. Thanks to the Internet, which was beginning to hit full stride at the beginning of the 21st century, the word of their holiday spread all over the globe. Social media sites and message boards carried the story of their holiday, and pretty soon it caught on with a whole lot of people. Ever since its creation, it has been celebrated every year on June 8th.

However, you chose to celebrate, be sure to show your best friend some love today!

Sending bestie love vibes! 💋

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