NY Celebrity Hair Stylists tells us why women cut and color their hair after a breakup

The week I met my fiance I went through a total hair transformation. I colored and cut my hair after a bad breakup. I felt like a snake that shed the old self and grew into new skin. As my tresses and mind felt new, so was my attitude thus meeting the man I love today.


To delve further into why women cut and color their hair after a breakup, I decided to interview New York’s celebrity hairstylist Kathy Herskovits.

Kathy states that women come into her salon feeling pretty down and out. Even a simple blow out will emanate a sense of beauty, positivity as well as a feeling of a new woman.

Kathy says that she always knows when a client has had a bad breakup because they walk in requesting a drastic change of color, or hairstyle. It is like a death and grievance of the old self. However, she warns clients not to go so far because they may not be psychologically fit for this new hairstyle, or color. You may end up looking in the mirror the next day and asking what did you do to yourself,  Also, she warns that just because a hairstyle looks great on a celebrity, it may not look so great on you based on your skin tone, the color of hair and eyes.

Changing your hairstyle is therapeutic because it represents a marker of change. You are marking this change externally for your internal head space to see the reflection of this new woman you are about to become.

Also, your hair stylist can be your therapist and best friend who you can speak to freely without judgment.

Thank you, Kathy, for enlightening us on this fascinating topic.

Sending beautiful hair vibes! 💋

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