New Trends in High Tech Beauty

Lucky for us to live in this era of high-tech because your beauty regimen is about to get LIT!

Foreo UFO Smart Mask


Two years ago, I was given a Foreo Cleansing device as a holiday gift, and my skin could not be cleaner. Now Foreo’s has introduced a new UFO Smart Mask Treatment. Insert one of the company’s Korean sheet masks into this circular device, which features app-activated T-sonic pulsations, warming thermal therapy and cryotherapy cooling. Phototherapy is also on the menu, with a spectrum of skin-rejuvenating LED hues. Why bother with a spa when you can get a facial at home in 90 seconds? UFO Smart Mask Treatment, $279 at Foreo.

Foreo Luna


Yes, Foreo is killing the beauty game with the new fofo summer release.

The device has a skin sensor technology that Measures 1,000 units per second to assess hydration levels -Made of ultra-hygienic silicone-It’s quick-drying and non-porous, which prevents bacteria buildup-T-Sonic pulsations-8,000 pulsations per minute for deep and effective cleansing.

Then there is an app that you fill-out the skin profile! That, combined with the readings from the LUNA fofo, will help FOREO formulate the perfect cleansing routine based on your unique skin analysis.  Foreo fofo $89.00

Hi Mirror


This mirror enabled by Amazon’s Alexa can broadcast the weather forecast, but it will also reserve you an Uber or order your favorite beauty products. It comes with five different light settings and can analyze your skin condition via selfies (taken by a built-in camera) as well as offer personalized beauty advice. This brings new meaning to mirror, mirror on the wall. 😜 HiMirror Plus+, $299 at Hi Mirror.

Neutrogena Skin 360


This August Neutrogena is releasing Skin360, a complexion-tracking contraption created in collaboration with tech startup FitSkin. The SkinScanner tool slides onto your cell phone; it’s fitted with powerful LED lights, a 30x magnification lens and a variety of sensors. As you image your skin with the tool, an app measures your pores, fine lines, and moisture levels. It also recommends treatment regimens. Skin360 app and SkinScanner tool, $50

Sending beauty vibes!  💋

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