How to be kinder to yourself

After many years of therapy, I realized that there were times when I was too harsh on myself to live up to society’s standards. Not successful enough, tall enough, thin enough, smart, etc. Those thoughts were stealing my joy.

However, when you are nice and kind to yourself, life gets better.

Here are some tips that I learned to be kinder to myself:

Have an inner friend self talk

Tell yourself, “I know how hard this must be.” or “I’m so sorry you have to go through this.” You’ll be surprised how much this can actually make yourself feel better. You can speak to yourself as you would talk to your BFF

Have a feel-good date with yourself

Looking forward to an event boosts the experience. You can try yoga, art or any class you have wanted to experience. Spoil yourself and book a spa day, or shopping. Your feel-good endorphins will be flowing. An added bonus when you go shopping is the number of miles you walk.

Me myself and I time

Experts say that spending time alone may help you be more productive. It’s time to start enjoying your own company. Just be still with yourself and thoughts. Allow your mind to wander. This will clear your mind.

Do a love and kindness meditation

This specific form of meditation is focused on cultivating compassion. Research shows it can improve emotional intelligence and decrease your stress response. It also involves mentally sending goodwill, kindness, and warmth towards others by silently repeating a series of mantras. When you are kind to others, more kindness comes back to you. 😇

Hit the sack

Sleep is the best weapon in your arsenal. Sleep deprivation can negatively impact your immune system, make it challenging to regulate your emotions and even mess with your memory. Give yourself the gift of Z’s, and you’ll immediately notice a change in almost every facet of your life.

Sending you love and kindness vibes! 💋

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    1. IngridMadisonAve

      I hear you. A week ago I bought Sleep A Bedtime Ritual | Essence Of Vali oil that I apply on my pillow. It smells good and works.

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