Why you should not wash your face in the shower

Do you ever find yourself rushing in the morning straight to the shower bringing your toothbrush and washing your face in the shower? I know, I do sometimes Experts are now recommending we stop cleansing in the shower.

Hot water – which is what we’re usually using to shower – can damage skin and leave it dehydrated in the long run. In addition, if you’re prone to redness hot water will only make the problem worse, dilating blood vessels and capillaries to leave you blotchy.

Also, don’t forget about the residue from other shower products can wreak havoc on your facial skin. Washing your face in the shower can mean you end up mixing shampoo and conditioner left on your hair onto your face by accident. Neither of which are designed for face-cleaning purposes.

Lastly, washing your face in the shower adds more water on your face than there would be if you washed your face in the sink. This, confusingly enough, can also lead to dehydration.

When you are using the sink to wash your face you can regulate the water to a healthier temperature.

There goes our multitasking regime in the shower.

Sending beauty vibes! 💋

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