Mind hacks for success

Success for some has many meanings, but real success begins with your brain without it we are not living.

Here are some mind hacks to get you on the right Yellow Brick Road for success:

Read, or view something new daily

Learning something new improves your memory and mental performance. It keeps your mind active and stops it from getting idle.

Rewire your brain by taking a different route home, or work

Keep your mind sharp and active by stepping out of your comfort zone. Ever make a turn by mistake because you have been doing it for hundreds of times aka (autopilot)? That’s how you know that your brain is getting lazy AF.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to cause distinct changes in brain structure and brain function. Regular meditation improves focus and emotional control. I currently use the Headspace app to get my day started as I have yet to master the art of concentration.

Challenge the right and left side of your brain

The right side of your brain remembers the bigger picture of an event, while the left side goes into the details. If they work together in perfect harmony, you’ll be better at strategizing and recalling events.

Challenge yourself to try something you aren’t comfortable with doing every so often. If you consider yourself more of an analytical, objective thinker, learn something creative. Vice versa. Keep your mind working by challenging yourself to remember not only the bigger picture but also the details.

Get moving

Working out in any form will allow you to collect your thoughts.
It instills a sense of direction to a healthier mind and body instead of letting you indulge yourself like binge-watching on Netflix while you snack away the day is the best way to break any destructive habits that stand in your way of success.

Sending successful Monday vibes! 💋

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Photo credit:  Sophie Leng, Dutch Masters


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