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Happy St. Patrick’s day!

Hope you are having a relaxing day.

Last year I tried five expensive and less expensive deodorants, and nothing was working. I was traveling through Almafi coast smelling like a gypsy. After a long struggle to find an all-natural deodorant, I came across Zen Body Cafe’s, aluminum & paraben free all natural deodorant that works!

Zen Body Cafe Lemongrass Deodorant


The ingredients include:

Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Baking soda, and Arrowroot.

It goes on smooth, and it melts into your skin effortlessly.

I purchased the Lemon grass scent, but it comes in a variety of scents, Springtime Floral, Tropical Oasis, Bergamot & Lime, Lavender.


The 2.5 oz deodorant tube only costs $5.00! How amazing is that? Click here to buy.

Sending lucky charm vibes! 💋

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      1. IngridMadisonAve

        Good morning! I was looking for the munch deodorant, but I cannot find it. Please send me a link. 😘

      2. Living Healthy Naturally

        That was a typo-in the original statement it’s supposed to be “my”.
        I know there are so many people that get frustrated with trying natural deodorants. I have talked to so many. I’ve heard complaints about natural deodorants failing, having to reapply, burning the armpits or making them itch. I have challenged all of them to try mine and with success!
        Natural deodorant is an important purchase for having a healthy life!

  1. ayrgalaxy

    Omg that’s sooo cheap! I’d love to try this one I’m almost running out of mine and I. An never seem to find any that are aluminum free besides the toms of Maine and those don’t work well for me

    1. IngridMadisonAve

      I dislike the Toms of Maine. It never worked for me. I tried just about everything for one year until I found this deodorant. I do t know who that product works for as it still remains in store shelves. 🤔

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