Trick your skin into thinking it’s spring with these beauty hacks

The official day of Spring is merely a few weeks away. However, the recent temperatures show no end in sight, so let’s trick our skin into thinking its Spring so that we can be ready once it officially arrives.

Thick night cream or an overnight mask for am luminosity

The heaters are still blowing full blast, so your face is starving for moisture. Unless have  a humidifier 24/7 you need to give your skin a surge of hydration.  If a night cream seems to heavy for you try a sleeping cream.  I am currently using L’Oreal Collagen Moisture night cream, or Lumene Overnight cream on nights when I use acne an acne cleanser because sometimes it can be too drying.



Do an at home chemical peel

By performing an at home chemical peel it will exfoliate and get rid of dead skin. The buildup of “excess skin, toxins, pollutants, and even makeup can lead to dullness” and generally tired-looking skin.  It will give your skin a radiant glow with zero down time.  Choose a product with Glycolic acid.  I have been using Blue Mercury – Power Glow Peel $28.00 it has powerful natural antioxidants along with Glycolic acid, so your face looks well rested and dewy.


Power up with antioxidants

While antioxidant serums, like vitamin C topicals, aren’t immediate fixes, they can still aid in skin’s overall brilliance when used daily. Every day, free radicals form on the skin, which lead to premature aging, the breaking up of collagen, and age spots.  Try using a serum with Vitamin C to battle long term damage.  I am currently using Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate $47.00.


Just remember not to switch your fall/winter moisturizer just yet unless you live in a warm climate as it can still snow until the last week of March. 🙈

Sending warm beauty vibes from Cardiff, Whales!  💋

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Photo credit:  The Complex saved to fashion/beauty.
Milan Dixon for Glamour South Africa October 2015 photographed by JUCO


  1. Joy

    Great post as usual!! I will definitely follow these tips even though it’s gotten very hot in Lebanon, it feels like summer 😛 I am actually searching for a good overnight oil

    1. IngridMadisonAve

      Wow, good to know. I wish I could be in warm weather now. I am in Cardiff, Whales and it’s chilly here with lots of rain. The highlight here is castle touring. 🤗 Let ya know if you find a good overnight oil

  2. FebruaryCircus

    Ohhh I just had to click on this post as soon as I saw Lumene! My best friend loves this brand and she has been raving about it since we met. I have been looking online to explore my options in regard to Vitamin C skincare as my face looks so tired and just unhappy. Great post as always xx

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