Secrets from New York Fashion Week

Behind all the glare of flashing lights, designers have dirty secrets that they don’t want you to know.

Here are just a few:

1. There are some designers that pay celebrities to attend their shows in order to create hype and mystique behind a brand. Some will pay only for the hotel, flight, or simply an attendance.

2. Fashion bloggers, as well as Vloggers, are now changing the game of fashion shows. In the last couple of years, designers are inviting fashion bloggers and Vloggers to shows as opposed to not taking them seriously in the past.

3. Hierarchy of seating. A designers nightmare before shows is the seating chart. For example, some editors get very upset if they are seated next to a D Lister Reality Star.

4. Models are not paid as much as you may think today as opposed to the 90’s. Linda Evangelista famously said once that she did not get out of bed for less than $10,000. The average model today (unless she is a top model) gets paid $350.00-$1,000. Some designers may have an exclusive with a modeling agency, which means some models will get paid in clothing.

5. During Fashion Week models endure a beauty beating such as fried hair and all the makeup causes clogged pores.

6. This year Georgina Chapman of Marchesa decided to have her 2018 fall show online because she is still technically married to Harvey Weinstein. The brand was not exactly welcomed by celebs at award season either. It was known in the past that Harvey Weinstein would bully actresses into wearing Marchesa on the red carpet. He is so vile!

7. It’s a hurry up and wait situation at fashion week. You usually wait for 30 minutes for the show to begin. The show only runs for 8 minutes. Designers are never on time as printed on the calendar.

8. Some Street Style photos are fake and planted by a publicist to promote a designer.

Yesterday I attended Tao Ray Wang, Son Jung Wan and Christian Cowan shows.

Have a look! (please note, not the highest and best resolution video as I used my iPhone)

Also, click on play and the video will load in the proper rotation. Β Don’t know why some of the videos saved on the wrong rotation.

Video of me goofing around at the video lounge. Β πŸ˜‚

Sending relaxing Sunday vibes! πŸ’‹

Photo credit: Β feature Barbara Palvin, Pinterest

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  1. tabsstyle

    This is cool! I finally have the time to read your FW posts – and I LOVE THEM!
    A lot of these facts are new for me so this was very interesting πŸ™‚
    I once had the chance to attand a Pret a porter Show in a Longchamp store. I know it’s a lot of time to way and ups – it’s over.
    I hope you had a fantastic time! πŸ™‚ And your pictures are great. Specially the one from you :-*

    Have a nice day :-*


    1. IngridMadisonAve

      πŸ˜‰β™₯️ yes, it’s impressive that bloggers are making an impact. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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