Front Row – New York Fashion Week, Fall 2018

The city is a buzz this week with fashionistas descending upon New York for Fashion Week, Fall 2018!

Yours truly will be attending some shows this week, and I will be doing a full post.

In the meantime, you too can watch live from wherever you are in the world with this link:

Here’s a sneak peak of day 1 Noon by Noor Show

Mostly minimalistic style with bright colors

Tom Ford show was all about strong, bold, and empowered style

Photo credit: Frazier Harrison, Noon by Noor show, Tom Ford images Vogue


  1. Tracy Joan Reid

    Wow!!!! I love fashion designing a lot and I would love to work as a part of the fashion industry sometime….I do sketches of designing clothes as well as experiment making them….love the colours of the clothes!!!

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