Guide to holiday dating

Dating during the holidays can be so exciting, especially if you live in colder climate. You can kiss and frolic in the snow, attend “ugly sweater.” parties or your special someone can help you schlep your Christmas tree and help decorate it.

However, there are some guidelines one must follow for your supreme future.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don’t bring your new bae to meet your parents, or family if you have not defined the status of the relationship. Once you agree that you are in a stable, monogamous, committed relationship, don’t even think about him meeting your crazy aunt, Debbie.

Again, unless you define the status of the relationship and have been going out for some time do not bring him to your office holiday party. It’s too risky because if it’s not a serious relationship and you break-up, it shows you have bad judgment, and you will no be getting that corner office you have been dreaming of in the future.

Once you are comfortable with each other, it’s ok to invite him over to your place to watch a movie. The bonus is that you do not have to get red carpet ready.

Don’t invest in an expensive gift for your new boo. You will sincerely regret it if the relationship goes sour. Start small then as the relationship grows and you have a solid foundation you can go all out, but not at the beginning.

Sending warm love vibes! đŸ’‹

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