Places to meet singles during the holiday season

Tis the season to find romance! ❣️  The holidays are a perfect time to find a new love as everyone is spreading holiday cheer.

Below are places you are likely to get “lucky in love,” or lust:

Explore Your City

Join friends and explore holiday activities in your city.  Stop over for a skate at your local skating rink, or attend a local Christmas, Hanukkah, or Matzo Ball celebration. The Matzo Ball is the nations most prominent singles event of the year.

Get Online

More people use online dating sites. With the cold weather keeping everyone indoors some savvy singles use this time to look up others profile. You can also use this time to set up your profile or update your profile picture to start connecting.


Book a “girls” trip to a chalet, or a sunny destination. The more exposed you are to many people the better the chances are to meet someone new.  Once you are feeling relaxed, it allows you to be more friendly, which is always a plus, plus.


During the holidays there’s a variety of worthy causes that need your help, i.e., charity galas, fundraisers, and homeless shelters or food banks. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet a “do-gooder” as well as a like-minded person.

Happy Hour

Maximize your chances of meeting a new bae by attending pre-holiday party happy hour. By being at a pre-holiday party, you might meet someone who would not usually visit a particular bar.

Steakhouse restaurants

I know this may sound nuts to some of you, but women do not have dinners at steakhouses, which increases your chances of having more male eyes on you. Grab your iPad, Mac, Computer, or phone and sit at the bar on full display.  Even if you are gluten-free, sugar-free, or vegetarian, you can order a salad and a bevi.  For some reason, I have discovered that steakhouses are full of men that are ready to mingle.

Sending love vibes! 💋

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Photo credit:  High Society – Harper’s Bazaar China,, 12/22/13





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