What we can learn from a famous artist

What we can learn from a famous artist

During Art Basel in Miami, I had the privilege to interview, world-famous artist Ekatherina Savtchenko. Ekaterina is known for unity art; she is a contributor to all things peace in the world.

Here are some life tips we can learn for everyday living:

What is your art all about?

Art is about unity, love, and peace

What role does an artist have in society?

In my opinion, an artist has to elevate the energy of the humanity as well as create conscious of the unity and love

What inspired you to become an artist?

I had a spiritual experience. At the age of six, there was a deep voice in my soul that said, “I am, and I had to share my idea of the eternal soul for my art in the world.” I had a feeling I would never die, and I had to share this message.  Then I attended Children’s Art School in St. Petersburg.  I graduated with a Master’s Degree at The Fine Art Academy, Dusseldorf, Germany.

What is your outlook on life?

I love life; I enjoy every moment. I appreciate what the universe gives me. I love my family, friends, the wonderful collectors who support me throughout my life, nature, beauty, and art. Everything has a divine soul and we have to connect to create internal happiness.

What piece of advice can you share with us?

See the beauty everywhere, even with unfriendly people when they are stressed out. Send them love and compassion to help transform their soul to the higher level of consciousness.

How has daily meditation changed your life?

It’s crucial; I meditate every morning with appreciation that I have the opportunity to live this day. Sometimes we take life for granted. There are times we concentrate on what we don’t have. So its best to concentrate on the positives of life to attract good things.

Here’s is a proverb Ekatherina shared:

Painting is a vehicle I use to step closer to life behind the ordinary structures, behind the world of appearance, behind the measurable reality. The world, that animates me, that I am trying to understand, lies beyond any logical thought.

I am today
I am yesterday
Striding my reiterated births
I stay vigorous and young

Egyptian book of the dead

To learn more about Ekatherina’s art click here

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Thank you Ekatherina!

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