Tech day Sunday – high tech condom

Tinerellas this week rejoiced learning that there is a high tech condom that will let you know if your partner is infected with an STD.

In addition to the category 5 level of safety, the high tech condom will:

  • rate your partner in bed
  • duration of intercourse
  • velocity of thrusts
  • calories burnt
  • number and speed of thrusts
  • girth measurements
  • temperature of your partners’ 🍆
  • A full list of different positions used per week, month or year.

< here is a nano-chip and bluetooth technology to relay the data to a smartphone app. According to the maker, the Nottingham-says that all info will be kept anonymous, hmm (or until somebody hacks them 🙈) If you are a TMI user, you “will have the option to share the recent data with friends, or the world.” Priced at $74.00, over 90,000 people have already pre-ordered the product which will be released later this year. I guess this will create some entertaining convos with your partner. Sending relaxing fun day Sunday vibes! 💋 Follow me on any of these social media links:Instagram
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