The wonder natural supplement for the winter blues

We just sled into December like lightening! I often feel that this month creates such anxiety and tension as we are all trying to kill ourselves to either close out for the fourth quarter, holiday shopping, family, x mas parties, Hanukah and Kwanzaa.

Therefore, we need to begin taking vitamin D to keep us sane. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that protects our brain, bones, heart, muscles, and immune.

I like to call it the happy pill because it lessens symptoms of depression, and anxiety.

Another trick to get your “happy pill” intake is to take a walk outside for 5-10 in the sun. Your body does not absorb vitamin D from supplements as well or quickly as it does from the sun, so you will need to take higher doses. Try a 600 IU supplement and gradually increase up to 800 IU. Make sure you purchase supplements that are certified by the US Pharmacopeia or   Purchase vitamin D from a verified health food store. Be careful you don”t purchase cheap contaminated vitamin D supplements.

Sending happy feel good vibes for the weekend!

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