Phone detox to destress during the holidays

We are in full swing of the holiday season!

Some of you may feel as if you have entered the anxiety Olympics.

Besides socializing, family and holiday parties, one of the leading culprits of your anxiety is your phone. I know you don’t want to believe it, but it’s the reality.

The average mobile phone user checks a device 150 times a day, and nearly a third of smart phone users admit that they’re addicted to their devices. Everyone knows that living knee-deep into your phone is an unhealthy habit, but new research suggests that it could be the cause of depression.

It gets worse when you see your friend’s posts living it up in exotic locations while you are stuck at work because you have a huge student loan to pay each month in addition to freezing til your stilettos can’t take it anymore.

Don’t fret, try these tools for a phone detox:

  • Check your personal e-mails once a day. You will be more productive instead of being bogged down with endless back and forth e-mails.
  • Respond to text after work, unless there is earth-shattering news from your family or friends, which I am sure they will call instead of text.
  • If you must, check social media, twice a day in the am then pm
  • At work allow your phone to have a home in your purse
  • Charge your phone outside of your bedroom
  • Put your phone on silent and in your purse when you are going out to dinner, or a holiday party.
  • Turn off annoying push notifications that bring no value to your life.
  • Pick a day on the weekend where you do not look at your phone at all.

Taking a phone detox will allow you to savor and value each hour of the day.

Cities around the world are filled with fabulous holiday decorations. Take a moment to appreciate another human beings creativity.

Sending lots of cheerful vibes to you all! 💋

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