The 8 types of people you need in your squad, part II

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s part II of people you need in your squad:

Boss lady broker 

This woman knows everyone worth meeting.  She is a relationship builder and broker to all things social or business. Boss lady brokers help you get in front of the most influential people to allow you to grow and flourish.  They are social butterflies.  These ladies will invite you to charity galas, after work drinks with the “who’s who” of your city.  They make friends with the postman or a global leader.

Ambassador of happiness  

This is your “fun, feel-good friend,” they will cheer you up when life gets stormy.  You can call them, and they will quickly lift your spirits.  Their eternal optimism is a breath of fresh air.  They will send you random funny memes.  They exude positive vibes no matter what is going on in the world.

Ms Yin or Yang 

AKA your balancer “friend.” Depending on your personality if you are yin (female energy) you will need a yang friend to tell you when to stop being so nice to the people that don’t deserve your love, kindness, and friendship. If you are yang energy (masculine energy), it’s essential to have a yin friend to teach you how to channel the gentler side of your behavior.

Fierce Mentor

It’s your friend that has miles of life experience in stilettos. She is the best mentor any person can ever have in their lifetime. They guide you through tough talk, practical guidance, constructive criticism with a healthy potion of love.  You can call upon them when you are having difficulty with a life decision. Fierce Mentor’s are solid citizens of humanity.  They are grounded in reality and have stable lives.

In the end friends are family you get to choose, so pick wisely.  💋

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Photo credit:  Photography: Tom Falmer // Stylist: Hanna Holmgren // Model: Josefine Elon, Linnea A, Bo Develius, & Sandrah H. // Magazine: Stockholm, Spring/Summer 2011

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