Korean beauty secret revealed

For centuries Korean women have enjoyed flawless dewy skin because they double cleanse. I know this not what you want to hear as there are so many steps to getting ready, but I assure you, your face will reward you for taking this extra step.

Double cleansing is the first step of any Korean skin care beauty regimen. It involves washing your face twice with two different formulations. One cleanser that is oil based the second is water based.

Step one oil cleanser: It removes makeup, sebum, SPF, and pollutants while the second round of cleansing eliminates any dirt or debris that’s still lingering. Makeup and sunscreen residue could cause bacterial infections and even lead to discoloration. Excess sebum can lead to congested pores as the sebum is a sticky trap for face harming pollutants. Once you cleanse with an oil-based cleanser that will draw out these impurities. Oil cleansers don’t strip your skin of lipids and ceramides that are essential to keeping your skin healthy.

Step two water-based cleanser: Depending on brand and PH level water-based cleanser removes makeup, sweat and dirt, which is crucial if you are a city dweller like me. The pollutants in the air are no joke.

You are probably asking yourself can I over cleanse?

According to Soko Glam, “Yes, if you are not using an oil-based cleanser. Oil cleansers are formulated to be extremely gentle on the skin. Unlike other harsher cleansers, oil cleansers don’t strip your skin of lipids and ceramides that are essential to keeping your skin balanced and healthy. That unpleasant dry, tight feeling that occurs after cleansing with harsh cleansers happens because those lipids and ceramides are stripped away in order to remove oil based impurities. Oil cleansers ensure those impurities are cleared away, but the lipids and ceramides stay in place.”

If you want to learn more about double cleansing myths, here’s a link:

Double Cleansing Myths

I suffer from dry skin in the fall and winter, so I began using The Face Shop Facial Cleanser, Natural Rice Water Light Cleansing Oil Moisturizer and it has changed my life. My face has been restored to its natural glowing glory.

There are a plethora of oil cleansers, but I chose the Face Shop product as I am a newbie and the price was right $10.08.

Sending beauty vibes! 💋

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