Why people are paying to be cuddled?

As the holidays are briskly approaching some people, become lonely, especially if they do not have friends, or family in their hometown in addition to loved ones that have passed away.

There are professional cuddlers that make $80.00 an hour to cuddle strangers. They abide by strict conduct, but it has become a phenomenon for the last couple of years.

So why are people paying for this service?

Studies show that cuddling produces, oxytocin, boosts your immune, relieves pain, lowers risk of heart disease, reduces social anxiety, reduces stress, and helps you feel better.

Also, there are other factors like individuals that have cerebral palsy, autism, or abuse victims that were unable to bond due to the trauma.

According to Snuggle Buddies, a professional cuddling company, many people do not get the amount of human touch they want or need on a daily basis, and a professional snuggling service is the solution.

It makes sense as our first human touch experience occurred when we were babies, so the human connection along with a release of oxytocin enables us to feel loved and secure.

The healthy dose of benefits can also be achieved if you have a pet as they provide a plethora of feel-good endorphins.

A cuddle a day keeps the doctor at bay.

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