Bain dérivatif – French women’s secret to health and beauty

French women are known for svelte figures, fabulous style, and beauty, but not packing frosty gel packs in their panties!

I found out about this beauty trend through my BFF Melodie K. She sent me a post entitled Marion Cotillard’s secret from Go French Yourself, My Little Paris.

According to ‘My Little Paris’ newsletter from Go French Yourself, bains dérivatifs, also known as “cold water therapy,” is a cooling technique that’s been used by Europeans since the 19th century. French naturopath France Guillain then re-popularized them among modern French women in the early 2000s.

The devotees of bain dérivatif say that snug jeans, prolonged sitting, and hot weather, create our intimate areas to be inflamed past the point of normal body temperature (98 degrees Fahrenheit), which can lead to bloating, insomnia, and even acne.

If you choose not to walk around with gel packs in your panties, you can sit in a cold, shallow bath for one half-hour per day. Who has time for that noise?

I was intrigued and decided to give it a go because what does a gal have to lose trying a new health and beauty secret, especially if it comes from France. I received MyTagalongs gel pack from FabFitFun fall box, which I froze then applied it to my lady bit for a nanosecond before I sprung up from my couch from the cold shock. This beauty trend is not for me!

To be fair, I used the wrong frosty gel pack. There is a French brand Yokool which has specifically designed packs for your panties, and they are discreet.

Perhaps, this is why French women are able to stay so thin while eating cheese, bread and wine. 🤔

Have any of you ever tried this?

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Photo credit:  Helmut Newton


  1. Nadine

    Oui yes yes i do it all the time, I love it. I ordered my pads from France.
    This is not something I walk around with, I rather use it when I am seated watching a movie, reading etc..or cooking.
    Very efficient, I like to think I am never sick because of this.

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