Let’s get our zen on in Tokyo

It’s been a while since I have posted on travel because of all the calamities occurring one after another. Now I am told that New York and New Jersey will have a hurricane on Tuesday evening going into Wednesday.  😱

If St. Bart’s were not eaten alive my Mother Nature, I would have blogged about all the fabulous places to visit as the season kicks into gear after Labor Day Weekend.

Therefore, I decided to share with you my favorite spots in Tokyo so that you can get your zen on this fall.

Sinso Ji Temple – it’s the oldest temple in Tokyo. You can light incense and say a prayer for all your favorite people. Be sure to walk through the gardens. It’s so relaxing and calm.

Sinso Ji Temple, Tokyo

High Tea at the Aman Hotel. This place is so swagged out in a zen like way that you will feel like you checked into a spa.

I ate all the items on that tray because everything was so delicious.

The highlight of my trip was going to Cosme Beauty Store.  This place is heavenly for beauty enthusiast.  There are a plethora of beauty products with wholesome ingredients. If you are a beauty junkie like me, this place is a must-see experience.


Imperial Palace Emperor Meji moved to the palace from Kyoto.  It’s a great place to take a walk, but not earth shattering if you want to see how the emperor’s lived.

If you want to see some serious street style and Harajuku girls walk over to Takeshita street for some funky looks.   There are also some cute stores with reasonable pricing for clothing.

IMG_1744For a romantic spot to have a drink head over to the Park Hyatt Hotel. The views are outrageous.

Tokyo is so safe to walk.  I walked between 4-6 miles a day.  This street really impressed me.  I do not recommend using Apple maps as I go lost a mile away from my destination. Always use Google maps!

My fiance and I took a bullet train to Kyoto, so next week’s post, I will share with you all the magic of the city.

Happy Monday!

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Photo credit:  featured image, Pintrest as well as Takeshita street, Park Hyatt, Google images


  1. Jess

    Recently, one of my girl friends and her husband visited Tokyo for a business trip. My friend loves the city. I will recommend this to them visit this places 😉

  2. ayrgalaxy

    Yasss!!! Japan is one of my dream destinations, I’m gonna be saving up for it 🙂
    These are lots of great spots, and thanks for the tip of using Google Maps instead of Apple maps 🙂

    1. IngridMadisonAve

      That’s awesome! I am sure you will achieve this goal. I did not list restaurants because there were too many to add. Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day. xx

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