How looking at social media can affect your body image


Sorry for the late post. Fashion Week took over my life along with other social obligations.

As I saw all the models and photos on Instagram from the days events, it got me thinking, “what are all these images of perfect women doing to our mental health?”

According to research published in the New Media & Society journal, spending time looking at fitness influencers and models on Instagram has a negative influence on your self-esteem.

For the study, researchers at the University of New South Wales and Macquarie University surveyed 350 Australian and American women aged 18-25, and found that the more often they looked at “fitspo” images, the more likely they were to be unhappy with their own bodies. Researchers called it “self-objectification,” which they noted could predict other mental health problems, such as depression and disordered eating.

The link doesn’t prove that Instagram causes these issues. But it makes sense that looking at fitspiration photos may not always inspire us, but could make us feel worse about our bodies. It’s also worth noting, however, that a study from 2015 showed women were less satisfied with their bodies after looking at fitspo photos versus travel photos. Not to mention, a study from earlier this year found that Instagram was the worst app for your mental health, so it’s not too much of a leap to say that it could affect your body image, too.

For anyone feeling down and out about your body, please know that all that looks like gold is not always”real.” I am sure you already know, but we need reminders. Many postings have been Facetuned and edited to death. Even the girls posting don’t feel 100% good about their bodies. It’s FAKE postings!

Here’s me before Facetuned edited, where my waist appears larger

Here’s the after photo with a smaller waist along with facial smoothing

As you can see anyone can alter their image.

Let’s practice self love as you were created in the most perfect image to walk this earth.

Sending body positive vibes 💋

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Photo credit: Rodrigo Maltchique


  1. Jess

    There is not doubt that all that exposure to photos has a negative impact on our self steem and overall mental health. Also, the media have influenced us by making beauty standards extremely unrealistic.

  2. tabsstyle

    Very true words! I guess most pictures we see at the social network are edited Mine are not 😉 I know I am not thin and I don’t look like a model – but I am fine with me most of the time. Maybe that’s my age 😉 But I know the Problems with looking at the perfect pictures, perfect bodies, perfect faces.
    I really hope a lot of younger girls will read this post and remind that most of the pics are fakes.

    Have a great day,


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